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Women of Syria: An appeal for peace

Thursday, January 4, 2018

"We are Syrian women civilians with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, from throughout Syria. We represent a wide variety of women's and civil society organizations. We met in Geneva, over three days, under the sponsorship of UN Women, to unite our positions and issue a document that affirms our shared vision regarding the peace process for our country." Nearly 50 Syrian women came together from within and outside Syria at a conference, facilitated by UN Women, from 11 to 13 January 2014 in... More

Side by Side -- Women, Peace and Security

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jointly developed by the Australian Government's Australian Civil-Military Centre and UN Women, "Side by Side -- Women, Peace and Security" explores how the international community has and can meet its commitments on women, peace and security. The 30-minute documentary features an introduction by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as well as interviews with United Nations personnel, peacekeepers, mediators, humanitarian actors, policy makers and survivors of conflict. Read more:... More

The Story of Resolution 1325 | Women, Peace and Security

Friday, October 30, 2015

When United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) was passed, it changed history. Never before had world leaders formally recognized the key contributions of women in conflict and post-conflict interventions, including their role in brokering peace, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding. On the 15th anniversary of resolution 1325, we look back at how a broad civil society movement brought this agenda to the council, and, working together with governments and UN agencies, saw the resolution... More

Colombian women play central role in peace process

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debora Barros Fince is a Waayu indigenous lawyer and human rights defender from Bahia Portete,  Colombia. Her community was massacred by Colombian paramilitaries in 2004, leading the Wayuu to abandon their ancestral homeland. Debora survived the massacre and went on to create an organization called Mujeres Tejiendo la Paz (Women Weaving Peace), which works with victims of sexual and domestic violence, and aims to include Colombian women in national reconciliation. In 2014, Debora was invited to... More

Bibiana Peñaranda on women's role in Colombian peace process

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bibiana Peñaranda is one of the gender experts participating in the historic Peace Talks taking place since October 2012 in Havana, Cuba, between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. More

Daniel Craig shines a light on women's role in peace

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Actor Daniel Craig recently visited the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus in his role as UN Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards. The UN Mission in Cyprus is the first and only to include a female Force Commander: Major general Kristin Lund. Studies show that when women are included in peace processes there is a 20 per cent increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at least 2 years, and a 35 per cent increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at... More

Daniel Craig shines a light on women's role in peace

Monday, March 7, 2016

Actor Daniel Craig visits the UN Mission in Cyprus in his role as Global Ambassador for the elimination of land mines and explosive hazards. Cyprus is the only UN mission with all-female leadership, including Force Commander Kristin Lund and Head of Mission, Lisa Buttenheim. Craig visits Cyprus' demilitarized buffer zone, and shines a light on women's role in the country's ongoing peace process. More

Midori - Musical virtuoso, child prodigy and UN Messenger of Peace

Friday, October 31, 2014

Midori has been playing the violin since she was two years old after her mother heard her humming a piece of music she had heard just days before. Invited to tour Asia with the New York Philharmonic at the young age of ten, Midori is an internationally renowned soloist musician, winning the prestigious Avery Fisher Prize for excellence in music, and is an official UN Messenger of Peace. Balancing her dual roles as a soloist musician and her responsibilities as the Chair of the Strings Department... More

When Peace Comes: A gender perspective on DDR and post-conflict recovery

Sunday, January 13, 2013

UN Women investigates the impact of conflict and peace on women and girls. Produced by Lisa Russell, Governess Films, for UN Women. More

Feminism in times of war and peace

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This short documentary captures the stories of the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group members in Colombia, offering through a personal lens, a look at their lives as women and as gender equality advocates. The most eminent Colombian advocates for gender equality and women's rights are part of the group. The film documents their personal stories and present them as illustrations of the idea that for women, the personal is indeed the political. This short documentary has been produced by the UN... More

Gender Aspects of Mediation Strategies for Increasing Women’s Role in Peacebuilding

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The workshop “Gender Aspects of Mediation Strategies for Increasing Women’s Role in Peacebuilding” was conducted by UN Women Georgia Country Office in April 12-15, 2014, for the women divided by conflict in Georgia aiming to enhance their knowledge in peace-building and conflict resolution and build their confidence to influence peace-building processes; to enable them to influence, participate and advocate for women’s participation in conflict resolution and peace-building processes and to... More

Peacekeeping Training for Female Military Officers

Monday, July 18, 2016

Several Security Council resolutions on women, peace, and security, as well as commanders on the ground, recognize that women’s leadership and participation in peacekeeping is key to mission success. However, the number of female military personnel deployed in current peacekeeping missions are low. To address this gap, UN Women Multi-Country Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives & Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping (CUNPK) conduct a special training course... More

Emma Watson & Forest Whitaker | An intimate conversation

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tune in & listen to an intimate conversation between Emma Watson, UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, and Forest Whitaker, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation More

Taking the Agenda Forward | 15th Anniversary of 1325

Friday, October 30, 2015

As the world commemorates 15 years of the ground-breaking UN Security Council resolution 1325, we look at how civil society groups have been using the resolution in their work around the world as an instrument for advocacy, dialogue and advancement of women’s participation in peace and security decision-making. On the occasion of the High-level Review of women, peace and security, it’s time for implementation of resolution 1325 and recognition of women’s key contributions to preventing conflict... More

UN Women Stories | Malian Women Confront War

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The recent conflict in northern Mali has led to an upsurge in gender-based and sexual violence against women and girls. Women and girls displaced by war are especially vulnerable to rape and child marriage, and many must now deal with the physical and psychological consequences of the violence that was inflicted upon them. This video features the work of brave Malian women who have stood up to violence and become agents of peace. Fatoumata Siré Diakité created the Association for the progress... More

Georgia: Gender mainstreaming in the security sector

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The training “Integrating Gender Equality and Women, Peace and Security Principles into the Security Sector” was prepared and held at the joint initiative of Georgia’s Ministry of Defence, the National Defence Academy, UN Women, the Women’s Information Centre and the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia during 21-23 May 2014. The training aimed at raising awareness and deepening the knowledge of military and civil service staff of the Ministry of Defence about the integration of gender equality... More

UN Women in South Sudan

Thursday, July 11, 2013

South Sudan became the world's newest country on 9 July 2011 after decades of civil war and conflict. Women played a strong role in the popular referendum that resulted in the nation's independence from Sudan. Yet, the consequences of war -- which disproportionately affected South Sudan's women, leaving many of them illiterate, impoverished and widowed -- linger now, even though peace has come. "UN Women in South Sudan" provides a snapshot of the women we are supporting. Working with the... More

Georgia: Social mobilization for community welfare

Thursday, January 4, 2018

“Social Mobilization for Community Welfare” was produced by UN Women Georgia within the project Women for Equality, Peace and Development. That project, with its local implementing partner and non-governmental organization Taso Foundation, supported the social mobilization of internally displaced, conflict-affected and ethnic minority women. The goal of social mobilization is to strengthen social protection efforts towards these populations and improve their livelihoods. The women’s self-help... More

UN Women Stories | Isabel Deitliens - Lychee Farmer

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We tell the story of Isabel Deitliens, a Mozambican woman who pursued her dream of becoming a commercial fruit farmer. Isabel took advantage of a UN Women-supported national strategy that increased Mozambican women’s access to farmland and productive resources. Isabel now owns and operates a successful fruit farm that exports to international markets. African women are providers, leaders and innovators. They drive economic growth and build peace, yet for too long the African narrative has been... More

UN Women Stories | Daphne Bayayi - Tobacco Farmer

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We tell the story of Daphne Bayayi, a Zimbabwean woman who pursued her dream of becoming a commercial farmer. Daphne took advantage of a UN Women-supported land reform programme that increased Zimbabwean women’s access to farm land and productive resources. Daphne now owns and operates a successful tobacco farms that exports a world-class product onto international markets. African women are providers, leaders and innovators. They drive economic growth and build peace, yet for too long the... More

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