Azerbaijan commits to mainstream gender in all State programmes and legislation to help working women

The Government of Azerbaijan actively undertakes measures to distribute opportunities equitably and to support the equal and balanced participation of women and men in public and social life. Specific budgetary allocations have been made to ensure a steady increase in the gender mainstreaming process and all State programmes and services committed to ensure gender equality at all levels and all spheres. The country is working to ensure more girls pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It pledges to introduce new legislation to help working women – including flexible working and accessible childcare. The country will actively support the development and implementation of specific programmes, projects and activities aimed at improving the enjoyment by women and girls of their fundamental human rights. Azerbaijan is prioritizing re-integration of refugee women into society, promoting their participation in political, economic and public life and addressing the causes of, and impunity for, sexual violence in conflict as a central element of all discussions on the peace and security agenda. Calling for the implementation and reinforcement of international initiatives and conventions on women rights, Azerbaijan also commits to do everything it can to ensure a safe future for women. [Commitment statement]