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From where I stand: Chum Sopha

01 December 2016

Chum Sopha, now 29, works with HIV-positive women in Roka Village in north-west Cambodia. More

Empowering domestic workers through information technology in Cambodia

14 September 2016

Research shows that domestic workers in Cambodia need access and information about physical and mental health. A new technology supported by UN Women empowers them towards a healthier life. More

From where I stand: Sinet Seap

10 August 2016

Sinet Seap, 31, is a youth activist from Kandal Province, Cambodia. She has worked with the civil society organization Youth Resource Development Programme and UN Women Cambodia on engaging youth, particularly young women. More

From where I stand: Yoeurn Reaksa

05 July 2016

After moving from a rural district in Cambodia to Phnom Penh to work in a factory, Yoeurn Reaksa began working with CARE Cambodia to address sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace. More

Staying true to yourself: A tale of discrimination and love in Cambodia

31 May 2016

Sao Mimol’s story was one of many heartbreaking, yet empowering life stories heard during a 21-25 May workshop in Prey Sdouk Village, Cambodia for LGBT people and their supporters. More

Asia-Pacific makes strides in implementing CEDAW

10 December 2015

On Human Rights Day, a spotlight on regional programmes to end discrimination and ensure women’s human rights in Southeast Asia. More

Around the world, women and men of all ages “orange their hoods” to end violence

11 December 2014

From flash mobs to bicycle races, street marches to art exhibits, and even illuminating landmarks and buildings in orange light, people around the world banded together during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence by “oranging their neighbourhoods.” More

Cambodia takes multi-pronged approach to confronting gender-based violence

17 November 2014

To strengthen its policies and evidence base, UN Women supported the participatory formulation of Cambodia’s 2nd National Action Plan to Prevent and Respond to Violence against Women. More

In Cambodia social causes find new partner in technology

16 May 2014

“The Internet provides a space where we can speak openly about violence against women[ and girls] ,” says Man Keo Sema, a 22-year-old business administration student at the Build Bright University, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. More

With income and rights, women living with HIV/AIDS start afresh in Cambodia’s villages

29 November 2013

More than 1,300 poor women have received home-based care, skills-training and grants to start their own businesses through a Fund for Gender Equality programme. More

Towards safer work and migration for women

02 October 2013

As the UN High-Level Dialogue on Migration gets underway, a new report by the Secretary-General, prepared by UN Women, details global efforts and persisting gaps in efforts to address violence against women migrant workers. More

Half of men report using violence and a quarter perpetrate rape according to UN survey of 10,000 men in Asia-Pacific

10 September 2013

On average, 4 per cent of respondents in nine sites across six countries said they had gang raped a woman or girl. This is the first time data from such a large sample has been gathered on gang rape. More

Demanding Justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge

24 June 2013

As the United Nations Security Council adopts a new resolution on conflict-related sexual violence today, we detail the efforts of a UN Trust Fund-supported programme that works to ensure that sexual and gender-based violence perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge during the 1974-1979 genocide in Cambodia is never forgotten. More

Burns Violence Survivors rebuild their lives in Nepal

15 February 2013

In a country where an estimated 50 per cent of suicide cases follow burns violence, an NGO supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women is helping survivors of burn attacks access treatment, counseling and legal aid they need. More

Building the leaders of tomorrow: preparing young women in Latin America and the Caribbean

17 January 2013

To boost their leadership and political engagement, 80 young women from 25 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean attended a regional forum in Panama, organized by UN Women, UNDP and UNFPA. More

Cambodia’s women beer sellers: Harnessing solidarity to end discrimination

14 September 2012

“I was perceived as a bad girl," says Voleak, “because I worked at night, with a group of women with limited education, and managers pushed us to sit and drink with the clients and to compete for the big-spending ones." More

Regional conference sets the stage for advancing rights of women migrant workers in Asia

07 September 2012

More than 100 delegates met in Phnom Penh for a regional conference boosting protection and empowerment for Asia's vulnerable migrant workers this week. More

Leading change at every level: HIV-affected women in Cambodia claim their rights

13 July 2012

“It is my ambition to work as hard as I can and as much as it takes to ensure that women living with HIV are able to live in good health." When the world of Dalish Prum, a young, softly-spoken Cambodian, was first shaken by the news of her HIV status, she couldn't fathom the positive meaning she would one day be able to draw from it - or the places that it would take her. More

Building skills, finding voices: HIV-positive women in Cambodia

05 April 2012

Mom Ra lives just a few hours from Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, but the 30-year-old felt very far from state support when first diagnosed with HIV. Like other HIV-positive women in her small villag More

Study reveals shocking new evidence of men’s use of violence against women and girls in Asia Pacific

06 March 2012

One in four men admit to having raped a woman and half to using physical or sexual violence against an intimate partner. These are among the key preliminary results of a joint UN Programme which surveyed more than 10,000 men in six countries. More

1 - 20 of 22 Results