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Towards safe migration and decent work for women in Nepal

14 September 2016

Dawa Dolma Tamang migrated from rural Nepal to Abu Dhabi because she wanted to improve her livelihood and support her family. She ended up paying seven times more than what was required to the recruiting agency and was wrongfully denied work on medical grounds. With the help of Pourakhi, an organization working to protect migrant women’s rights, she was able to seek legal assistance and recover some of her money. Today, Tamang is working as a mason and will soon start taking the vocational and entrepreneurship skills training provided by a UN Women programme that’s advancing women’s economic empowerment in Nepal. More

From where I stand: Khet Kumari Ghimere

06 September 2016

Khet Kumari Ghimere works as a security guard at the emergency shelter for migrant women, which aims to ensure the rights of women migrant workers through the entire process of foreign labour migration—from pre-employment to post-return support programmes. More

Healing in post-earthquake Nepal

02 August 2016

Maali Gurung, 62, was trapped under rubble for days when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015, killing her husband and destroying her hotel. She was severely injured and needed help. At the multipurpose centre run by Women for Human Rights, with support from UN Women, Ms. Gurung was able to rest and heal. Today she is part of a cash-for-work programme and planning to rebuild her home. More

Getting back on her feet again in Nepal

10 May 2016

As the Secretary-General’s report on migration is released, a glimpse into the life of one of the world’s many women migrant workers. More

UN Deputy Secretary-General visits UN Women multipurpose centre in Nepal

02 May 2016

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson received a warm welcome from women affected by the earthquakes in the Chautara multipurpose women’s centre in Sindupalchowk district in central Nepal on 1 May. More

Speaking the same language in post-disaster Nepal

24 April 2016

After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, a local woman takes an active role in humanitarian action as an interpreter and social mobilizer. More

Nepal: A year after the earthquakes

20 April 2016

As we approach the one-year mark since the earthquakes in Nepal, a spotlight on Nepali women and girls, their stories and their solutions. More

From where I stand: Sita Shrestha

13 April 2016

Sita Shrestha, 19, took part in a two-day training on leadership organized by the UN Women-supported women’s group SAATHI, in Nepal, following which she helped construct a tap and organize villagers to turn a natural water source into a public space they could share. More

Psychosocial counselling helps earthquake survivors in Nepal overcome loss

29 March 2016

Severely traumatized after losing her four-year-old daughter during the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Kalpana Shrestha is on the road to recovery today, thanks to psychosocial counselling she received at a UN Women-supported multi-purpose women’s centre in Sindhupalchok District. To date, the centre has provided psychosocial counselling to nearly 500 women and young girls. More

Fostering a new, empowered generation

18 January 2016

Youth around the world work on projects to help women in their communities achieve their full potential. More

Working to stem the tide of post-earthquake migration in Nepal

24 September 2015

Post-earthquake, the number of migrant workers, including women, seeking to leave Nepal is on the rise and UN Women and partners have intensified awareness programmes and economic empowerment efforts in affected districts. More

Gender Equality Update highlights results of Nepal’s Post-Disaster Needs Assessment

18 August 2015

In its fourth edition, the UN Women and OCHA-led Gender Working Group’s Gender Equality Update highlights the results of Nepal’s Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), along with news and key facts summaries related to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the emergency response after the earthquakes in Nepal. More

Reaching out to survivors of violence in post-earthquake Nepal

29 July 2015

With counsellors dealing with rising cases of domestic and sexual violence, UN Women, the Government of Nepal, and partners have set up a multipurpose women’s centre to address trauma and provide psychosocial support. More

New UN Women research details how gender equality programming impacts humanitarian outcomes

16 July 2015

While many policies and practices have improved the integration of gender equality and women’s empowerment into humanitarian action, there has been little by way of concrete evidence of its impact. However, a new research study by UN Women has confirmed the positive affect that gender equality programming can have on humanitarian outcomes, and proposes ways to further enhance the impact. More

Q&A with Nepal’s Finance Minister: “There is a need, now more than ever, for the international community to focus on gender equality”

14 July 2015

As the world community gathers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the third International Conference on Financing for Development this week, UN Women sat down with Nepal’s Minister of Finance Ram Sharan Mahat to discuss how this developing country has been able to prioritize gender equality in its planning and budgeting, as well as its achievements and the challenges ahead, particularly after the recent earthquakes. More

Gender equality in Nepal, three months on…

13 July 2015

Sharmila Nepali, Shirisha Tamang and Shrijana Giri, are three Nepalese single mothers, recovering from the earthquake and on their own, rebuilding a life for their families. Their stories are featured in the Gender Equality update, along with news and key facts summaries related to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the emergency response after the earthquakes in Nepal. More

Helping Nepali widows regain their footing

22 June 2015

Ahead of International Widows Day, we shine a spotlight on efforts to help female-headed households overcome challenges in post-earthquake Nepal. More

New Gender Alert highlights the need to ensure leadership roles for women in post-earthquake Nepal

19 May 2015

According to a new Gender Alert on the crisis, the participation and leadership of women and girls in the assessment, planning and implementation of the humanitarian and early recovery response is crucial to ensuring the needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls are identified and addressed. More

A family rebuilds after the earthquake in Nepal

14 May 2015

In the aftermath of two devastating earthquakes in Nepal, a long-time UN Women NGO partner is supporting vulnerable families in rural areas not often reached by humanitarian assistance and providing more than 5,400 households with much-needed aid. More

Restoring dignity: Women mobilize relief efforts in Nepal

07 May 2015

UN Women and partner organizations are working to prevent violence against women and children, with dignity kits being distributed in many districts affected by the earthquake. More

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