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Women farmers of Nepal take charge of their lives and livelihoods

28 February 2017

A joint programme by UN Women and partners in Nepal has not only improved women farmers’ agricultural production and income, but also changed gender-discriminatory attitudes of their male counterparts. More

Empowering women farmers of Rwanda through mobile technology

13 October 2016

Farmers in Rwanda now know the exact size of their land, can better forecast production and access markets through digital, mobile-enabled platform supported by UN Women and World Food Programme. What’s more, the programme is bridging gender equality gaps in agriculture and ensuring women’s equal participation in the value chain. More

Expanding capacities for women farmers in Rwanda

26 August 2016

Since joining UN Women’s innovative “Buy from Women” platform, men and women farmers from 10 cooperatives in Rwanda have benefited from the digital, mobile-enabled platform that connects small holder farmers to the agricultural supply chain and provides them with critical information on market prices, sensitization on gender equality, and business opportunities via text messages. More

From where I stand: Atefe Mansoori

09 March 2016

Atefe Mansoori, 52, from Afghanistan, is Director of Abdullah Muslim Company, which processes and exports saffron. She is among 120 female entrepreneurs and businesswomen from across Afghanistan who gathered to share stories and learn from each other at a workshop organized by UN Women in Kabul in December 2015. More

Women of Fiji look for support to rebuild their livelihoods

26 February 2016

Thousands of women in Fiji rely on income gleaned from selling produce or handicrafts at local markets to pay for their children’s education and day-to-day living expenses. Tropical Cyclone Winston's destruction of crops and market buildings not only takes away their source of income, it threatens the food security of entire communities, as well as having wider implications for their families’ health, nutrition and education. More

Rural Peruvian women spur local dairy industry

14 October 2015

With support from UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, an association of rural indigenous women cheese and yogurt producers is growing, boosting incomes and economic independence. More

Women’s key role in agricultural production emphasized

24 October 2014

African leaders called for greater investment in women in order to increase agricultural production and improve livelihoods, at a three-day Sharefair on Rural Women’s Technologies to Improve Food Security, Nutrition and Productive Farming. More

Teamwork fosters business growth and women’s economic empowerment in Albania

14 October 2014

With the support of UN Women, an economic empowerment project in Albania is helping rural women cultivate their business skills and increase their income by forming cooperatives. More

“I bought a mattress and health insurance” – rural Rwandan farmer

30 September 2014

Through Farmer Field Schools, more than 350 Rwandan farmers have learned about nutrition, modern agricultural techniques and business skills while creating cooperatives and pooling savings. More

Sowing seeds, reaping income and independence, in Timor-Leste

30 January 2014

Through self-help groups, grants and gardens, widows, single moms, and survivors of violence are gaining economic independence in rural Timor-Leste. More

Reaching out with public services across rural Moldova

14 October 2013

Offering advice on the job market, agriculture and land laws, the innovative “one-stop shop” model has already helped more than 10,000 women and men, in Moldova’s countryside. More

Global Knowledge platform launched to galvanize women’s economic empowerment

23 September 2013

Launched today by UN Women and the Government of Canada, this open online platform seeks to re-vitalize women’s economic empowerment by building connections, and bringing together people who need resources with those that have them. More

New Horizons: Ethiopian women join efforts to escape poverty

23 April 2013

In Ethiopia, impoverished women are earning an income, developing new skills, and starting collective savings thanks to a nation-wide economic empowerment programme benefitting approximately 10,000 women in the Ethiopian countryside. More

The Knowledge Gateway to help entrepreneurs, workers and experts network and share information

08 March 2013

UN Women Deputy Executive Director John Hendra introduced the new Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment, currently being developed by UN Women in partnership with the Government of Canada during a side event on 6 March at the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57). More

The role of women in rural development, food production and poverty eradication

15 October 2012

This week, UN Women celebrates three days which reflect women's key role in development, beginning with International Day for Rural Women on 15 October, World Food Day on 16 October, and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October, 2012. Gender inequality and limited access to credit, healthcare and education have posed a number of challenges for rural women. Meanwhile, the global food and economic crisis and climate change have only aggravated the situation. Some 925 million people go hungry every day. More

Timorese farmer: ‘Working like a slave, eating like a king’

06 September 2012

Veronica Casimira, a Timorese farmer, arrives at the community meeting with freshly-picked bananas in a basket on top of her head. She is met by many friends, most from the self-help group that she started three years ago. More

Gender perspectives on water and food security

31 August 2012

Remarks by Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women at the Closing Plenary Session of the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, 31 August 2012. More

Circles of life: Community groups in Zimbabwe turn early warnings into early action

16 May 2012

For years Beauty, 52, carried out menial tasks in return for food in Mashonaland East, a rural district in Zimbabwe. She couldn't sell at the city market because it was considered neither safe nor appropriate for women in her community, where vendors routinely wait overnight for markets to open. She was little involved in village decisions about its agricultural or economic affairs. More

Rural women learn modern irrigation technology in China

17 March 2012

The university professors arrived to a packed conference room - yet those waiting expectantly were not their usual students. Instead, 62 out of the 70 trainees were female farmers from a small village in China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, ready to be trained in cutting-edge water-saving irrigation technology. More

UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet Calls for Women’s Equal Participation in All Spheres of Life as Fundamental to Democracy and Justice

05 March 2012

Calling for women's increased political participation and economic empowerment, with a focus this year on rural women, Under-Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet underlines urgent actions needed to ensure gender equality, in her 2012 International Women's Day message. More

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