Donate to the Fund for Gender Equality

The Fund for Gender Equality welcomes contributions for its third global grant-making cycle (2015) to support, sustain and strengthen women-led civil society organizations in their efforts to implement the gender equality commitments of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. For more information, please check our donor brochure.

Gender equality is possible and it is happening right now. Through women’s organizations and government entities, in partnerships and coalitions, the Fund for Gender Equality is bringing about high impact, rapid changes in lives and communities all around the world. It is empowering women to exercise their voices and influence in political spheres, and to compete in and transform the economic markets around them. More than ever, women are engaging as full members of the societies they live in and leading the development of their countries.

Play your part in women’s empowerment. Donate to the Fund for Gender Equality.

For individuals:  Donations to the Fund for Gender Equality can be made through the United States National Committee (USNC) for UN Women website.

For institutions:  Please contact Elisa Fernandez, Fund for Gender Equality Chief.

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Gender Equality is Happening Now

The Fund for Gender Equality is supporting high-impact, innovative civil society initiatives that are igniting the unstoppable spillover effect of women’s empowerment worldwide. Join us – let’s keep it growing!