Fund for Gender Equality Grantees

In its 2009–2010 grant-making cycle, UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality awarded USD 40 million to 40 civil society organizations and governments around the world working on innovative programmes in Africa, the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, the Americas and the Caribbean, and Europe and Central Asia that focus on women’s economic and political empowerment. In 2011–2012 the Fund launched its second call for proposals adding 56 programmes and an investment of USD 18.2 million to its portfolio.

Summaries of awarded grants:

Programme Implementation

Collaboration forms the foundation of the Fund’s work with gender advocate partners across the globe. Currently, the Fund’s active portfolio consists of 67 programmes working on issues ranging from land rights to the green economy, to building the political leadership of marginalized women.

Once grants are awarded, the Fund for Gender Equality provides each partner with tailored support to strengthen their programme design and ensure that their results are not only achievable but also sustainable after the programme is complete.

Grantee programmes are monitored jointly by the Fund for Gender Equality staff and UN Women field offices. The Fund’s four Regional Monitoring and Reporting Specialists, located in the field, oversee regional portfolios. In-country, UN Women Focal Points provide grantees with day-to-day technical assistance. This collaborative approach ensures that each programme receives local and contextualized support tailored to their needs.

By joining forces with grantees, the Fund for Gender Equality provides them with the support and resources needed to execute impactful initiatives that empower women on the ground at the local, national and international levels.