Women, War, Peace: The Independent Experts’ Assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Women’s Role in Peace-Building (Progress of the World’s Women 2002, Vol. 1)

Autores/editores: Elisabeth Rehn, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Historically, the world has been silent about the situation of women in war, almost as silent as the women who remain on the sidelines during war or who are excluded from peace negotiations. In addition, women often lack the confidence and the knowledge needed to participate in peace building and reconstruction.

But change is possible. "Women, War and Peace" provides examples of women in embattled regions who have been able to overcome the odds and contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities. Personal stories are shared of women involved in peace efforts.

During the Taliban regime, women in Afghanistan held secret meetings, creating maps of underground home schools and medical help, and dispersed this knowledge with other women. In Sudan, women from opposing ethnic and religious groups joined together to discuss peace; a task that men had not been successful in accomplishing. This consortium of stories reveals that, around the world, much could be accomplished if women had proper support and training. "Women, War and Peace" provides similar recommendations at the end of each chapter so that educators, policy makers or anyone interested in women and peace can understand the steps that would lead to greater progress in the area of peace and conflict resolution.

"Women, War and Peace" covers topics such as peace operations, use of media, reconstruction, health, and prevention. By sharing the personal stories of women involved in these efforts, the book shows that through willingness and support, there is hope that women will be continually involved in peace operations.

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  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword, Preface and Key Recommendations
  • Introduction: Peace — For Whom and When?
  • 1. Violence Against Women
  • 2. Women Forced to Flee
  • 3. War and the Health of Women
  • 4. HIV/AIDS
  • 5. Women and Peace Operations
  • 6. Organizing for Peace
  • 7. Justice
  • 8. Media Power
  • 9. Prevention
  • 10. Reconstruction
  • Recommendations by Chapter
  • Endnotes
  • Executive Summary
  • Experts' Biographical Sketches
  • Media Kit

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Información bibliográfica

Tipo de publicación: Assessments

Serie: Progress of the Worlds Women

Oficina de ONU Mujeres involucrada en la producción: UN Women Headquarters

Año de publicación: 2002

Número de páginas: xiv + 163

ISBN: 0-912917-66-0