Women and Local Economies, Territories, Knowledge and Power: Recognizing the processes of women entrepreneurship in the rural areas of Central America

Autores/editores: Rita Cassisi, Gilda Esposito, Mayra Falck, Angelica Faune

Mujeres y Economias Locales, territorios, saberes y poderes represents the first product that MyDEL Programme delivered as part of its first phase.Through this project, the programme sought to generate research-reflection-action-advocacy-based knowledge, all of it with an aim to propose models and tools for equitable and sustainable development models.

The publication also seeks to deconstruct inequality, stereotypes and dynamics, with a focus placed on the need to protect women entrepreneurs from anonymity and discrimination, which is a way to address the issue of economic justice.

This publication was developed within the framework of a broad process of reflection and discussion with the participation of over two thousand people. This process began at the local level, by listening to the stories and knowledge of women in territories; then, by defining a conceptual framework and research methodology. Several workshops and seminars were conducted in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua during the research phase, and produced results that became the foundation for this systematization.

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Año de publicación: 2009

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