Thematic Paper on MDG3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

This paper is a chapter of a United Nations Development Group (UNDG) publication titled UNDG Millennium Development Goals Thematic Papers. The chapter focuses on Millennium Development Goal no. 3 (MDG3): Promote Gender Equality and Empoewr Women, and was produced collaboratively by UNDG members, led by UNIFEM and UNDP.

The paper identifies promising or successful experiences in country efforts to move towards achieving MDG3, and summarizes key lessons and future measures conducive to accelerating progress. The focus of the paper is on the national and local level; on country-led (rather than UN) efforts; and on a range of immediate and underlying factors that appear to be important or essential in enabling progress under differing conditions and country circumstances. The paper draws on the ideas, experiences and advice of a considerable range of UN agencies and experts, including from non-governmental, academic and other sectors.

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