1999 World Survey on the Role of Women in Development: Globalization, Gender and Work

The World Survey, a flagship publication of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs issued every five years, constitutes a basic document for the June 2000 Special Session of the General Assembly, "Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the Twenty-First Century". Focusing on developing countries, the report provides a gender perspective on the effects of economic trends associated with globalization, with a focus on employment and displacement. It discusses their influence on women's relative position within the household and labour markets around the world.

Informations bibliographiques

Type de ressource : Rapports annuels

Bureau d’ONU Femmes impliqué dans la production : Siège d’ONU Femmes

Année de publication : 1999

ISBN / ISSN : 9211302005

Entités éditrices : Entité des Nations Unies pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes