Gender Budget Initiatives: Strategies, Concepts and Experiences

Auteurs / éditeurs : Karen Judd (editor)

If you want to see which way a country is headed, look at the country's budget and how it allocates resources for women and children. Pregs Govender, MP, South Africa

Efforts to analyze national and local budgets from the perspective of gender are growing throughout the world, in almost every region. "Gender Budget Initiatives" brings together the insights and analysis from the 2001 International Conference on Gender Budget Initiatives in Belgium. It presents the collective experience, analysis and evaluation of participants in all levels of society, government and international organizations.

Gender budget analysis is multi-faceted, from the various methods and tools employed to the advocacy and mobilization required to promote effective change. These topics, as well as country-level experiences are covered by more than a dozen international experts on gender and budgets.

The first chapter provides deep insight into the concepts, tools and analysis required to forge ahead. Country-Level Experiences, chapter two, offers case studies from regions such as South Africa, Uganda and France. Chapter three, Advocacy and Mobilization, puts forward the statements of government and donor agency representatives as they share their in-depth knowledge and experience in the support of strengthening economic and financial governance through gender budget initiatives.

"Gender Budget Initiatives" provides concepts, tools, case studies, and analytical methods and provides insights and strategies that will help widespread gender sensitive budget planning become more of a reality.

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Thèmes : Financement de la promotion de l’égalité des sexes ; Budgétisation tenant compte de la problématique hommes-femmes ; Gouvernance et planification nationale

Type de ressource : Pratiques exemplaires

Bureau d’ONU Femmes impliqué dans la production : Siège d’ONU Femmes

Année de publication : 2002

Nombre de pages : 197

ISBN / ISSN : 0-912917-60-1

Entités éditrices : Entité des Nations Unies pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes