Results-Based Initiatives – Women’s Economic Empowerment Works. We Can Prove It.

Auteurs / éditeurs : UNIFEM

Empowering women and achieving gender equality are key to driving economies and reducing feminized poverty. In partnership with government agencies, development groups, civil society organizations and donors, UNIFEM works to implement Results-Based Initiatives (RBIs) to advance and measure the impacts of women's economic empowerment. These RBIs cover a number of core issues, such as strengthening women's entrepreneurship and access to markets, linking agricultural productivity and food security, and making gender central to private-sector human resources management.

This brochure is a snapshot of what RBIs are and how they work to economically empower women.

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Année de publication : 2009

Entités éditrices : Entité des Nations Unies pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes