A Manager’s Guide to Gender Equality– and Human Rights–Responsive Evaluation

This practical, online guide aims to help those initiating, managing and/or using gender equality (GE)- and human rights (HR)-responsive evaluations. It is intended for all international development professionals who deliver or manage programmes and projects, including those whose primary focus is HR, GE and women's empowerment and those where HR/GE are mainstreamed or crosscutting.

The guide provides direction, advice and tools for every step in the evaluation process — from getting started, to preparation, conduct and evaluation use and follow-up. It contains tools to aid in the process and references to provide a greater depth of information on specific topics and issues.

This evaluation guide emerged from a collaboration of the Evaluation Unit of UNIFEM (part of UN Women) with Carleton University. It is based on training courses, materials and their assessment conducted between 2009 and 2010 in five regions: Asia, Pacific and Arab States (Bangkok), Africa (Johannesburg), CEE/CIS (Istanbul), Latin America (Mexico) and New York (headquarters). As such the evaluation guide should be viewed by its users as an interactive and “living document that aims to provide guidance on evaluation processes as well as to explore gender equality and human rights dimensions of evaluation. It will be updated regularly to take into account the evolving needs of UN Women and its partners and the developments around the world in gender- and human rights-responsive evaluation.

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