TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-responsive evaluation – Issue 8, August 2016

UN Women regularly evaluates its own work to enhance accountability, inform decision-making and contribute to learning on the best ways to achieve gender equality while strengthening the capacity of United Nations agencies and governments in designing, managing and using gender-responsive evaluations.

To enhance effective communication of evaluation results, UN Women’s Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) developed TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-responsive evaluation.

TRANSFORM aims to make more accessible good practices and lessons learned on what works for gender equality as identified by corporate evaluations managed by the IEO, as well as in managing gender responsive evaluations. TRANSFORM features not only UN Women corporate evaluations and meta-analysis, but also issues specifically dedicated to gender-responsive evaluation.

Issue no. 8 features the third meta-analysis of UN Women–commissioned evaluations since the adoption of the current Strategic Plan (2014–2017) with a focus on accountability. It presents overarching conclusions from aggregated and synthesized information generated from 49 evaluations, and presents the evidence into accessible knowledge to help strengthen programming and organizational effectiveness.

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Thèmes : Égalité des sexes et autonomisation de la femme ; Suivi et évaluation ; $name ; Coordination du système des Nations Unies ; Responsabilisation dans le système des Nations Unies

Type de ressource : Pratiques exemplaires ; Bulletins

Série : Transform

Bureau d’ONU Femmes impliqué dans la production : Siège d’ONU Femmes

Année de publication : 2016

Nombre de pages : 28

Entités éditrices : Entité des Nations Unies pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes