Call for proposals-Resilient Economies and Protection for Vulnerable and Excluded Groups (UNW-AP-PAK-CFP-2021-002)

Submission deadline: 13 August 2021

The proposed project “Resilient Economies and Protection for Vulnerable and Excluded Groups” is an innovative approach that focuses on reducing the Economic vulnerability of women in the Covid-19 crisis situation by creating linkages to social protection schemes, improving household food security and income replacement opportunities. With women and girls as the main targeted beneficiaries, the project activities will benefit refugee families and host communities at large. The project will ensure that the assistance is targeted to the women HBWs and the women farmers considering gender equality and social/disability inclusion in leaving no one behind (LNOB). UN Women will provide funding for innovative and catalytic initiatives focusing on the above-mentioned community level initiatives in three districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa namely Peshawar, Swabi and Kurram.


Contact information

Contact person's name: Fareeha Ummar, Portfolio Manager

Email address: fareeha.ummar (at)

Tel: +92-346-8502113