Measures taken and progress achieved in follow-up to the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the outcome of the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly: Report of the Secretary General (A/61/174)


The present report responds to General Assembly resolution 60/140. It reviews steps taken by the Assembly during its sixtieth session to promote the achievement of gender equality through the gender mainstreaming strategy, by assessing the extent to which resolutions have taken into account gender perspectives and made specific recommendations for action. The report reviews from a gender perspective the resolutions submitted by the committees of the Assembly as well as outcomes of major events, including the 2005 World Summit, the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, and the High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS. It further reviews the extent to which selected documentation, submitted as reports and notes of the Secretary-General, has supported attention to gender perspectives in the deliberations and outcomes of the Assembly.

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