Flagship programme initiatives

Youth in Central Asia are being engaged in efforts to prevent violence against women and girls through sports. The National Taekwondo Federation of Tajikistan conducted awareness raising campaigns among young people as well as the military. (Photo: UN Women.)
Photo: UN Women

UN Women has developed a series of flagship programmes (aren, es, frpt) to deepen its efforts and achieve transformative results. These high-impact, scalable initiatives build on and supplement UN Women’s ongoing programming work. Using a human-rights-based approach focused on strengthening the voice of women and girls, they seek to remove structural barriers to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Each programme is guided by international human rights treaties and contributes to achieving UN Women’s Strategic Plan. There are 12 flagships and four “pipeline” flagship programmes.

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Programme and technical assistance

Within countries that request its assistance, UN Women works with government and non-governmental partners to help them put in place the policies, laws, services and resources that women require to move towards equality. It draws on extensive knowledge and experience with which interventions work best in a given environment, and which do the most to unlock rapid national progress in attaining national and international commitments to women. For more information, see “What we do”.