Feature Stories

The following stories reflect some of the work that UN Women and its partners are doing to strengthen women's access to justice.

From conflict resolution to prevention: connecting Peace Huts to the police in Liberia

Women in Liberia are taking peace into their own hands as they solve disputes that could have ignited further conflict, by coming together in Peace Huts. Each side has a say and then a resolution is found, all without violence. Read more»

Winds of change: parliamentarians mobilize to end violence against women

Across the world, parliamentarians-both men and women- are focusing on the global pandemic of violence and legislating change to improve women's lives. Read more»

Kenya moves to increase women in its police force, and improve their work environments

Kenya's security and legal system gets a boost as a newly established National Women's Police Association aims to provide a forum for the training of women officers and increase awareness about gender-sensitive issues throughout all sectors of the country. Read more»

Partners in law: Legal help leads to brighter futures for Tajikistan's rural women

Women in Tajikistan are being empowered through District Task Forces which advise on legal issues such as land rights and social protection benefits. Established by the government of Tajikistan and supported by UN Women, the task forces continue to grow and are changing lives of entire families. Read more»

Haiti: Efforts at the local level to improve Women's Access to Justice and Security

Justice for girls and women survivors of gender-based violence can be found at a centre supported by UN Women in the Haitian village of Le Borgne. Survivors, once alone, are now taken for medical help and advised how to seek justice. Read more»

Q&A with Expert on criminal courts and prosecuting gender-based violence perpetrators, bringing victims in for their day in court

As the United Nations General Assembly convenes this week with an emphasis on the Rule of Law, Maxine Marcus, an expert on criminal investigations and prosecutions of gender-based crimes talks to UN Women on how far we have come in the process and where we need to go. Read more»

Pro-women laws take hold in Pakistan

Women in Pakistan have faced formidable challenges in their pursuit of gender equality, yet a series of pro-women laws has shown that their work is taking effect. Read more»

Bolivia Approves a Landmark Law against Harassment of Women Political Leaders

The Legislative Assembly of Bolivia adopts a Law against Harassment and Political Violence against Women, a ground-breaking law to protect women and their political participation. Read more»

Maria da Penha Law: A Name that Changed Society

Left a paraplegic by her husband, Brazilian Maria da Penha fought hard for decades to get justice in court with no success. That changed in 2006 when a law was passed on domestic and family violence in her country. On the fifth anniversary of the law named after her, da Penha talks about the progress made and challenges ahead to achieve justice. Read more»