Feature Stories

The following stories reflect some of the work that UN Women and its partners are doing to improve sustainable development, gender equality and women's empowerment.

Information bureaus offer new opportunities for rural women in Moldova
Information about safe, healthy employment can be scarce for Moldova's women, especially for those living in its large rural areas. Yet a new series help centres have broadened the path of women to choice, and to change. They have led many to start making more sustainable choices. Read more»

Lighting up lives: African women train as “barefoot" solar engineers
As the World Economic Forum on Africa kicks off, read how marginalized illiterate women are being empowered as solar engineers in their communities across the region. read more »

Green cook stoves improving women's lives in Ghana
UN Women's Fund for Gender Equality is supporting two Ghanaian non-governmental organizations in providing women with green cook stoves that will improve both their health and environment. read more »

Rural Women Take on a New Role in Delivering Services in Tajikistan
A new social protection programme for rural areas has brought together Tajik women to help make their communities operate more sustainably. read more »

Rural women learn modern irrigation technology in China
As climate change impacts agrarian communities, women are taking on more agricultural responsibilities. Learn how a project in China is training rural women to lead on irrigation, using advanced water-saving technology. read more »

Preserving the balance between business and nature in Mexico
A hotel by indigenous women in Mexico is showing the path to sustainable tourism. read more »

Rural Women in Viet Nam Train for a Rainy Day
Women in Viet Nam have long been excluded from decision-making when communities prepare for natural disasters. With the help of UN Women this is starting to change. read more »

Safer spaces and better markets in the Pacific islands
In Pacific states, women market vendors are reclaiming and redesigning their markets to be safer, healthier and more sustainable. read more »

At a meeting of the Cocamu Coffee Cooperative, Euphrasia Musabyemariya explains how life has improved since she became a member.

Women Farmers Yielding Profits and Better Futures in Rural Rwanda
After increasing the participation of women in farmer's cooperatives, a rural Rwandan community has seen its productivity rise. read more »

“We need to strengthen women's self esteem and make them feel valued for their identity and culture" 
In this Q&A, UN Women speaks to Myrna Cunningham, President of the United Nation's Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, on the changes needed to ensure indigenous women's access to land and economic opportunities, and to prevent their forced migration to cities. read more »

The worst flood in seventy years hit Thailand in 2011

Leadership in Communities: Thai Women Prepare for Natural Disasters
The flooding that hit Thailand in late 2011 has nourished leadership skills among women, thanks to community-based disaster response programmes. read more »

Binga women in Zimbabwe make history on the Zambezi River
Zimbabwe's first female fishing rig operators are making history, while reclaiming their health, livelihoods and access to the water. read more »