Michelle Bachelet Signs FAO’s 1billionhungry Petition


Santiago, Chile — UN Women's Under-Secretary-General and former Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, joined the “1billionhungry Project from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), adding her signature to those of 85,000 people fighting to end hunger all around the world.

“Today, all the efforts allowing to strengthen and raise awareness on planet earth are more than necessary, said Ms. Bachelet. “There's more than one thousand million of men, women, children and people of old age in the world suffering from hunger. We cannot remain indifferent.

The petition against hunger aims to collect one million signatures before November, which will be delivered to the 192 Member States attending the FAO Council, and can be signed at the following link: www.1billionhungry.org/rlc

According to FAO, women in rural areas represent the majority of the earth's poor. They hold the lowest levels of education in the world and the highest illiteracy rate. Therefore, the joint work of FAO and UN Women is key to making a direct impact on the toughest worldwide hunger spots.

Bachelet signed the petition while attending an homage to Chilean writer Isabel Allende, winner of the 2010 National Literature Award, who has also given her support to 1billionhungry.