Partner spotlight: Canada

Flag of Canada

Canada and UN Women share an important commitment to gender equality. A clear demonstration of this commitment occurred in 2019 when Canada ranked among the top-10 countries with the highest percentage of women in ministerial positions. Some of the common goals and objectives of both partners are women’s economic and political participation, prevention of violence against women and girls, and engaging women in all aspects of peace and security processes. The priorities of the Canadian Government align with UN Women’s mandate particularly on issues of women’s leadership and political participation.

Canada has been, since the establishment of UN Women, an important financial and technical ally. Between 2011 and 2019, Canada provided USD 63.8 million to UN Women’s regular resources. In 2019 Canada was the seventh-largest other resources contributor with USD 9.6 million and the tenth-largest total government contributor with USD 14.4 million.

Over the past years, the federal government strengthened the gender governance framework through developing institutions, policies, tools, and accountability structures to promote gender equality and mainstreaming. Canada’s support to UN Women’s work in the African region has enabled the improvement of legislative practices and frameworks to promote gender balance in politics and increase the effective participation of women as political leaders at local, national, and regional levels in countries like Guinea, Liberia or Nigeria. This partnership continues to grow and strengthen the rights of women and girls globally.

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