Brazil (image courtesy of the MDG Achievement Fund)

Freedom from violence

Gender-based violence is a pervasive violation of human rights and a major impediment to achieving gender equality and attaining the MDGs. Featured case studies address various types of gender-based violence with comprehensive, holistic and multisectoral responses — from developing legal and policy frameworks to prevent and eliminate violence against women to providing quality support services to survivors and balancing the unequal gender power relations that are at the heart of violence.

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Morocco (image courtesy of the MDG Achievement Fund)

Improved capabilities and resources

There is increasing recognition that the often skewed distribution of capabilities and resources needs to be addressed with renewed urgency to build women’s economic and social security. Women around the world continue to face social and legal barriers to owning and inheriting property, land and other resources; accessing assets, credit and other services; or obtaining decent employment.

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Ethiopia (image courtesy of the MDG Achievement Fund)

Increased participartion in decision-making

The low numbers of women in public decision-making, from national parliaments to local councils, must be remedied to ensure that women feature prominently in democratic institutions and that their voices are heard in public and private deliberations. This has its roots in unequal power relations in the family and community. In some cases, even threats of violence prevent women from seeking or effectively carry out their public service roles.

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MDG Achievement Fund work specifically targeting gender equality involved an investment of $90 million, and gender concerns were also fully integrated into all other Fund programmes. More from Gonzalo Robles, Secretary-General of International Development Cooperation, Spain >>


This collection of case studies on lessons and results for gender equality and the empowerment of women has relevance for the advancement of the next internationally agreed development agenda. More >>

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