Agreed Conclusions of the Commission on the Status of Women on the Critical Areas of Concern of the Beijing Platform for Action 1996-2009


As the preparatory body for the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was mandated by the General Assembly to play a central role in monitoring the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Under multi-year programmes of work for 1997-2001, 2002-2006 and 2007-2009, the Commission reviewed each of the 12 critical areas of concern, making recommendations on concrete measures to accelerate the implementation of the Platform for Action. Furthermore, the Commission agreed to adopt negotiated conclusions on its thematic areas of focus. Since 1996, experts are invited to participate in the substantive panel discussions on the implementation of the 12 critical areas of concern. The results of these dialogues are also reflected in the action-oriented agreed conclusions adopted by the Commission, which are then put forward for adoption as resolutions of the Economic and Social Council. In 2006, the Commission revised its methods of work, and decided to focus on one priority theme. The Commission also determined to evaluate progress annually in the implementation of agreed conclusions.

This volume compiles the agreed conclusions adopted by the Commission between the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995 and the fifty third session of the Commission on the Status of Women held in 2009. These conclusions provide an analysis of the priority theme of concern and a set of concrete recommendations for governments, intergovernmental bodies and other institutions, civil society actors and other relevant stakeholders, to be implemented at the international, national, regional and local level.

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