Progress of the world’s women – banner

“Progress of the world’s women” is UN Women’s periodic investigation of progress made towards a world where women, girls, and gender-diverse people live free from inequality, poverty, and violence. Provocative and insightful, this series is the product of multi-year research, in-depth analyses, and data findings that build upon the expertise of leading organizations, activists, and academics.

The ninth edition will be published in 2025 and will provide a comprehensive analysis of two of the most pressing challenges facing the world today: the rapidly accelerating heating of the planet and the stalled progress for the world’s women and girls. UN Women has embarked on an ambitious programme of work that will make the case that public action based on a framework of feminist climate justice holds the key to addressing these challenges.

The programme of work will include the development of a conceptual framework on feminist climate justice, innovative data analysis on the impacts of climate change on women’s rights and gender equality, and robust evidence on how cross-sectoral policies can be leveraged to mitigate these impacts and ensure a gender-just transition to environmental sustainability. It will also map the approaches needed to finance these policies and identify the routes to translating social mobilization into transformative, accountable, and sustainable change.

Another important component of this programme will be the development of a global policy scorecard on gender and climate that compiles and analyses government action on mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction and management from a gender perspective. As well as feeding into the evidence base for the report, the scorecard will be made available as a standalone policy tool for use by advocates to hold policymakers to account for progress on their gender equality commitments.