Sustainable energy for all: The gender dimensions

This guidance note, prepared for the regional and country offices of UN Women and UNIDO, provides a brief overview of issues related to gender equality, women’s empowerment and sustainable energy. It aims to provide guidance for UN programming and work with policy makers around sustainable energy that integrates the gender dimensions.

This guidance note seeks to help strengthen collaboration with national and regional partners, as well as members of UN Country Teams, and promote South-South exchange of experiences in generating and supplying sustainable energy for all women and men, girls and boys. It also aims to create a momentum for targeting gender equality as one of the critical pathways for a successful transition to sustainable energy for all by 2030 and for reaching the objectives of the Future We Want.

The note presents the international energy situation and the enabling power of energy for economic and social development, as well as the importance of providing communities with access to sustainable energy solutions. Next, the nexus between women’s empowerment, sustainable energy and sustainable development is elaborated. Finally, policy recommendations for UN Women and UNIDO staff are outlined.

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