Analysis of tendencies, causes, risks, vulnerabilities and capabilities regarding women migrating for work

This report is a result of a situational assessment of women migrant workers from Moldova carried out by Magenta Consulting for UN Women in Moldova in spring–summer 2015. Its main two objectives are to enrich existent Moldovan migrant profiles, and to present aspects that enhance the understanding and capacities of target groups to better address gender equality and women’s rights dimensions of labour migration. The research implied desk review, in-depth interviews with NGOs, governmental representatives and remittance mediators, and survey with women who have migrated in the past and women who plan to migrate for work in the future.

Key findings include main differences among men and women migrant workers and the different challenges associated, focusing mainly on remittances.

Taking into consideration the assessment of existing national migration policies and strategies, the report concludes by emphasising the need for a stronger gender-responsive perspective in national legislation and recommends to raise awareness on social rights for women migrant workers, particularly for those who intend to return.

This report has been produced with the assistance of the European Union as part of the UN Women project, “Promoting and Protecting Human and Labour Rights of Women Migrant Workers”.

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