System-wide strategy on gender parity: UN Women implementation plan

Achieving gender parity is an urgent priority not only as a basic human right, but also as it is essential to the United Nations’ efficiency, impact and credibility. It is important to create a working environment, at all levels and wherever the United Nations operates, that embraces equality, eradicates bias and is inclusive of all staff, so that we can truly lead by example and leave no one behind. UN Secretary-General António Guterres launched his “System-wide strategy on gender parity” on 13 September 2017, to operationalize system-wide efforts to advance this priority at the United Nations.

The strategy includes six UN Women–specific recommendations. UN Women is also committed to other and more general recommendations of the gender parity strategy. Furthermore, UN Women will assist and offer its expertise to other UN entities to the maximum extent possible. Inter- and intra-departmental collaboration is necessary for the joint efforts to reach parity across the board.

This implementation plan will guide UN Women to move forward with the recommended actions based on its mandate. It includes concrete plans and action subject to adequate resources. Implementation, follow-up and monitoring the progress of the key recommendations will be critical to ensuring that the current momentum is sustained and the strategy is successfully rolled out.

See UN Women's status report and updated implementation plan (2021).

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