Supplementary guidance on the ‘Enabling environment guidelines for the United Nations system’ in support of the ‘Secretary-General’s system-wide strategy on gender parity’

These guidelines include good practices and recommendations to help guide and support all UN entities to make progress on a better work environment. The “Enabling environment guidelines for the United Nations system” focuses on three thematic areas: workplace flexibility, family-friendly policies, and standards of conduct. The “Supplementary guidance” covers also the areas of recruitment and talent management and includes a section on implementation.

The recommendations for progress and related actions are categorized by organization, managers, and individuals. If everybody works to foster an enabling and inclusive workplace in which all have an equal opportunity to both serve and contribute to the UN mandate, we clear a path for the advancement of careers and the balance of personal and professional commitments. Implementation of the guidelines will require everyone’s collective contribution and commitment.

The “Enabling environment guidelines for the UN system” were developed following a consultative and participatory system-wide approach. Together with the Human Resources Network of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) and the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), UN Women explored key challenges and good practices from across the UN system to help build an enabling environment, benefiting from the expertise of the Gender Focal Points across the system and many other stakeholders.

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