Feminist perspectives on the 2030 Agenda in Ecuador: Selective engagement, inclusions and omissions

This discussion paper examines how the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been integrated into the national debate on gender equality in Ecuador. It identifies which policies from the Agenda have been taken into account and which have been rejected. It also examines how the actors involved in clarifying the scope of these policies—women’s movements, sexual diversity organizations, public officials, and United Nations agencies working on gender equality—have coordinated their activities with the Agenda. In so doing, it attempts to answer the following questions:

  • How does the 2030 Agenda interact with the gender equality agenda in Ecuador?
  • Where do they intersect and what are their points of contention?
  • How has the global agenda influenced national policies and actions on gender equality and women’s rights?

The paper also assesses whether newer feminist and sexual diversity organizations in Ecuador are aware of and incorporate the 2030 Agenda and, conversely, whether the Agenda addresses the debates and demands made by such organizations in recent years.

Lastly, it provides some recommendations on how to better translate the goals and targets on gender equality from the 2030 Agenda into Ecuador’s national gender policies.

This paper is part of the UN Women discussion paper series.

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