Economic value of the unpaid care work in the Republic of Serbia

The main objective of this analysis was to estimate the data and evidence on the costs of unpaid care work and calculate its contribution to Serbia’s GDP and growth, through the systematic and comprehensive gender analysis of the economic value of unpaid work.

The analysis has thoroughly reviewed the gender patterns of time allocation to paid and unpaid work and non-work activities and has assigned a monetary value to various reproductive labour activities in the society and households. Ultimately, the analysis aims to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Combined with advocacy efforts, this would contribute to the development of policies and measures that should lead to a change in patterns of parenting obligations and unpaid care work in the Republic of Serbia, by combining economic, employment and social policies.

This paper is part of the “Economic empowerment discussion papers” series.

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