Women, peace and security annual report 2019–2020

Women, peace and security annual report 2019–2020

UN Women has substantially contributed to the United Nations’ efforts to build peace and prevent conflicts, supporting women peacebuilders, assisting survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in their demands for justice, successfully pushing for women’s meaningful participation in peace processes, and helping women and girls affected by conflict rebuild their lives and communities.

This report demonstrates the possibilities, showcasing the breadth of UN Women’s work on women, peace, and security in 2019, and the growing capacity to bridge immediate crises with interventions and strategies for prevention and peacebuilding that last for the long term. With comprehensive partnerships across the United Nations, Member States, and civil society, UN Women is well-positioned to respond, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, emerging from the current crisis on a path to lasting peace, justice, equality, and inclusion for all.

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