Understanding the journey: Past, present, and future of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network

This research stems from the development of Regional Women Mediator Networks that started in 2015 and the increased value these networks have acquired in the past few years.

With a focus on the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN), the paper aims at analysing on one hand, the significant contribution that this initiative can offer to the global agenda of Mediation for the 21st century, and on the other hand, its unique added value for the next 20 years of the women, peace and security (WPS) agenda.

The “Understanding the journey: Past, present, and future of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network” research project has been designed to investigate the history and development of the MWMN, as well as the value that the initiative has brought both to its members and to the overall implementation of the WPS agenda in the region. In particular, the underlying question is to understand how to maximise the MWMN’s operational work at the local level and how to use the network as an amplifier of women’s efforts at the national, regional, and global level.

This project is based on the work conducted by the MWMN, an ongoing multi-year project initiated in 2017 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy in collaboration with Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and Women in International Security (WIIS) Italy. The research aims to complement the activities of the MWMN, tracing back the history of its establishment and analysing its development throughout the years.

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