The journey towards comprehensive sexuality education: Global status report

Comprehensive sexuality education is central to children and young people’s health and well-being, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy, informed, and responsible choices in their lives, including to prevent HIV and promote gender equality.

This report seeks to provide an analysis of countries’ progress towards delivering good quality school-based comprehensive sexuality education to all learners around the world.

The report is intended to help inform continued advocacy and resourcing efforts, as governments and partners work towards the goal of ensuring all learners receive good quality comprehensive sexuality education throughout their schooling.

The review maps out a number of forward-looking recommendations to countries, including actions to ensure implementation of policies and programmes that:

  • support the availability of good quality comprehensive sexuality education for all learners;
  • increase investments in quality curriculum reform and teacher training; and
  • strengthen monitoring of the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education.

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