Procurement’s strategic value: Why gender-responsive procurement makes business sense

The report presents the business case for gender-responsive procurement, defined as the sustainable selection of services, goods or public works from women-owned or women-led enterprises and/or those having gender-responsive policies and practices for employees and supply chains.

While gender-responsive procurement is a growing practice, it is far from universal. Globally, one in three businesses are owned by women, but women only win an estimated one per cent of the procurement spend of large corporations. 

In recognition of this missed opportunity, UN Women engaged over 350 stakeholders through interviews, a survey and a community of practice to bolster the conversation around gender-responsive procurement. UN Women found that companies are broadening their ambitions around gender equality and women’s empowerment while achieving significant business objectives through gender-responsive procurement.

The report gathers lessons learned and success stories and makes an evidence-based case for companies to rethink their procurement practices. It advocates for companies to take on gender-responsive procurement to create social and economic value through their buying power within the context of increasing economic uncertainty.

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