LGBTIQ+ equality and rights: Internal resource guide

This internal resource guide seeks to provide guidance to UN Women in advancing its focus on the human rights of people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and sex characteristics (SOGIESCs) in its global gender equality agenda. It provides the basis for integration of diverse LGBTIQ+ perspectives across UN Women’s areas of work and considers how this can be taken forward. It builds on efforts to frame positioning and institutionalize a strategic approach to LGBTIQ+ equality and rights work at UN Women that is comprehensive, systematic, and innovative.

The resource guide is prepared in the format of a living internal document, intended for internal audiences, and is not intended as public guidance. It provides key terminology and definitions, an executive summary, key messages, and a conceptual framework to support operationalization, which is centred on the key principles of inclusivity, intersectionality, specificity, and evidence. To support operational considerations, it shares examples and case studies of UN Women’s activities in a diversity of contexts.

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