How can we reach gender parity at the United Nations by 2028? A collection of good practices to mark five years of the Secretary-General’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity

Since the launch of the System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity, entities across the United Nations have reached significant milestones, such as updated policies and practices to attract, recruit, and promote women, and improved work environments to support greater inclusion.

This booklet celebrates those achievements and the progress made since 2017. It demonstrates how joint efforts in UN entities will bring about concrete results, better working environments, and gender parity and equality.

The successes and good practices collected in this booklet have been submitted by Gender Focal Points across the UN System. The booklet is only a snapshot of the achievements and progress made throughout the System.

The good practices in this booklet follow the order of the recommendations of the Secretary General’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity. The sections consist of the following areas:

  1. Setting targets and monitoring progress for parity at all levels;
  2. Leadership and accountability;
  3. Recruitment, retention, progression, and talent management;
  4. Senior appointments;
  5. Creating enabling environments; and
  6. Mission settings.

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