Financing for gender equality and the implementation of the women, peace and security agenda: Assessment of the implementation of a minimum 15 per cent financial target

In 2019, the UN Secretary-General put forward a set of directives for the UN system on women, peace, and security (WPS), including commitments on financing. Progress on the implementation of these commitments is reviewed on an annual basis by the Secretary-General’s Executive Committee (EC) under its agenda item on WPS.

At the 2021 review, the EC tasked UN Women to provide an updated assessment of implementation related to UN system’s commitment of a 15-per-cent financial resource earmark, and to amplify efforts to raise awareness of this specific commitment as well as share updated figures during the annual EC WPS item for more consistent tracking.

This report responds to that request, provides an assessment of the status of implementation, and puts forward a set of recommendations to accelerate the pace of progress.

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