Corporate evaluation of UN Women’s support to gender statistics 2018–2022

Gender statistics are a fundamental aspect of UN Women’s work to promote gender equality. Strengthening gender statistics production, dissemination, and use, both within UN Women and the UN system, is crucial to ensure all interventions are data-informed, coherent, and relevant to the context.

In 2023, in line with the corporate evaluation plan for 2022–2025, UN Women’s Independent Evaluation Service conducted an evaluation of UN Women’s support to gender statistics from 2018 to 2022. The evaluation analyses how UN Women contributes to enhance gender statistics and provides the organization with key recommendations for improving the production, availability, and utilization of gender statistics with a particular focus on work undertaken at national level. What emerged is a comprehensive understanding of what UN Women already does to support gender statistics and how it can strengthen its own organizational processes to be as effective and efficient as possible with the resources it has.

The evaluation also provides relevant insights on UN Women’s partnerships, internal structure, and sustainability related to gender statistics work.

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