Gender bonds: A toolkit for the design and issuance of gender bonds in Africa

Gender bonds emerge as promising instruments for financing initiatives aimed at mitigating gender equality and bolstering women's empowerment. They present both corporate and sovereign issuers the opportunity to channel resources towards gender equality objectives. 

Acknowledging the global growth in gender bond issuances, this toolkit highlights the disproportionate low rates of adoption of gender bonds in the African markets, pointing to the need for more specific guidance on the issuance process. Given the nascent nature of gender bonds and the promising African capital markets, the toolkit serves as a vital resource for navigating the complexities of gender bond initiatives, offering practical guidance, case studies, and strategic insights to stakeholders involved in the issuance and investment of gender bonds within the African context.

The toolkit seeks to promote innovative financing mechanisms to enhance the economic empowerment of women and girls, with a focus on narrowing gender gaps in multiple sectors across Africa. It also aims to increase the understanding of gender bonds and Africa's ability to mobilize capital for women's empowerment initiatives.

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