Global Food 50/50 report 2023/2024: Analysis of family-friendly workplace policies and gender equality in 51 global food system organizations

This report shines a light on the progress, or lack thereof, made by food system organizations in promoting diversity and equality in career opportunities, including at leadership and decision-making levels, and in centring gender equality in their work. It explores the obstacles that keep some people from enjoying the same career opportunities as others, particularly those that keep women from participating, advancing, and leading in global food systems.

Care work is essential to the wellbeing and prosperity of individuals, societies, economies, and ecosystems. The report underscores that addressing the inequalities of time spent on care work is a cornerstone of gender equality for the workforce within global food system organizations and for the people they aim to serve.

For the first time, the 2023/2024 report expands its focus to address a policy area that is key in promoting equality of opportunity in the workplace: the extent to which workplace policies recognize and support employees’ care responsibilities. While there is increased policy attention to parental leave, organizations are encouraged to ensure that these family-friendly policies are used by both women and men to avoid perpetuating traditional gender roles. However, the report finds that other policies related to family needs are scarce, such as child and elder care policies.

The report calls for inclusive solutions for these issues and encourages food and nutrition advocates, staff, and leaders to recognize the importance of family-friendly policies as a human rights issue and central to women’s opportunity to succeed in the workplace.

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