TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-responsive evaluation – Issue 27, March 2024

Produced by the Independent Evaluation Service of the Independent Evaluation and Audit Services, “TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-responsive evaluation” features UN Women corporate evaluations and meta-synthesis, along with issues specifically dedicated to gender-responsive evaluation. UN Women regularly evaluates its own work to enhance accountability, inform decision-making, and contribute to learning on gender equality. TRANSFORM uses data visualization and concise evaluation recommendations to highlight good practices and lessons learned on what works for gender equality for transformative change.

This issue of TRANSFORM features the recent corporate evaluation of UN Women’s support to capacity development. Capacity Development has been a long-term intervention strategy within the UN system. It is also a key intervention strategy in UN Women providing support to duty bearers and rights holders in both technical and functional capacities. Its centrality within UN Women’s work has been evidenced in the Entity’s last and current Strategic Plan, and remains a core area to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women. This evaluation assessed effectiveness and efficiency of UN Women in providing support for capacity development of partners to respond to the needs of women and girls at the national level; and identified good practices as well as lessons learned and recommendations to strengthen this area.

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