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The game is changing. For the first time in history, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will see an equal number of men and women competing. This 50:50 representation of athletes makes the Summer Games the first to reach gender equality.

Progress does not stop there. With an expected global audience of 3 billion, this year’s Games have been deliberately scheduled to make possible more balanced coverage of all events, putting all athletes in the spotlight. The Games will also feature more women’s and mixed events, offering more opportunities for women to win medals.  

The rise of women's sport in numbers
illustration of a female athlete

of competing athletes at the Paris Games are women.

illustration of a female athlete

larger social media following than male athletes but women still get less coverage.

Change the game

Facts and figures: Women in sport

Get the facts on women in sport with our latest deep dive into the state of gender equality in the sports world.

Explore the highs that female athletes have reached as well as the gaps that persist, from pay equity to ensuring that women can play in a safe environment. This analysis is a testament to the strides that women have made towards gender equality in the world of sport.

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Five things to know about women and sport

Women's sports are on a winning streak, reaching new heights and shattering records. From the Olympics achieving gender parity to the growing audience for women's sports, there is much to celebrate and explore. Yet many gender gaps remain.

Here are five key things to know about women and sport.

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