Analytical Overview of the UN Joint Gender Programmes Portfolio

This report is a pre-study to support the scoping process for the future Evaluation of Joint Gender Programmes (JPGs) in the UN system, which will evaluate the UN's joint programmes in the area of gender equality, women's rights and women's empowerment. It provides the drafters of the terms of reference for the future JGPs evaluation with qualitative and quantitative analytical overview of the JGP portfolio and reflections on the emerging strategic priorities, evaluability and methodological options.

The study establishes a database that maps out the characteristics of 113 JGPs from 2001 to 2010 according to nine main characteristics. The gathering of qualitative data focused on obtaining an overview of key issues and information needs. The data were acquired through consultations and interviews with more than 30 key stakeholders and the analysis of the 20 evaluations/reviews that were located. To provide an analytical overview of the policy environment that underpins the rationale for the future evaluation, a review of dozens of relevant policy documents, reports and strategies was also conducted.

The study includes key findings on the characteristics of the JGPs portfolio and the convergence on strategic priorities and identifies emerging priorities and reflections.

Additional documents

  • Publication [ English ]
  • Annex I: Terms of Reference [ English ]
  • Annex II: Database of Joint Gender Programmes in the UN [ English ]
  • Annex III: List of Joint Gender Programmes with Programme Documents not Identified 2006-2010 [ English ]
  • Executive Summary [ English | español | français ]