Towards a logical framework methodology with a gender perspective

This publication provides the tools to identify inequalities between women and men, girls and boys, beginning with the analysis of a problem, its causes and effects, and the construction of solutions to this problem (through policies, programmes and public budgets). It also deals with how to the formulate objectives explicitly aimed at eliminating these gaps, implementing activities, monitoring progress and evaluating impacts.

The manual contains the main elements for mainstreaming gender in planning public budgets. It explains the importance of gender mainstreaming, the step-by-step methodology, and includes an example of a problem tree and logical framework matrix with a gender perspective.

The Logical Framework Methodology is the tool used by the federal public administration in Mexico for planning and programming its public actions and budgets across the country. It is noteworthy that since 2009, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, with the participation of the National Institute for Women, established the basis for integrating gender equality in this methodology.

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