Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls Global Flagship Initiative: International compendium of practices

This international compendium illustrates in a practical way a wide range of practices, strategies, and tools from women’s safety partnerships in cities, including safe city and safe public spaces programmes that form part of the Global Flagship Initiative. For the most part, promising practices have been selected from among those that have led to positive outcomes, involve collaborative partnerships, innovative action, and address women’s safety in public spaces with an intersectional approach.

These women-led solutions range from addressing gaps in data and establishing strong versatile partnerships with different sectors to develop and strengthen laws and policies to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, to ensuring urban and transport plans inclusive of women’s and men’s needs and developing initiatives to change social norms.

The compendium addresses local authorities, policy makers, women’s rights organizations, researchers, and other practitioners committed to creating safe and empowering public spaces with and for women and girls.

See also the “Second international compendium of practices”.

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