Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls Global Flagship Initiative: Second international compendium of practices

This “Second international compendium of practices” illustrates in a practical way how participating cities of the Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Flagship Initiative are working to implement women’s safety approaches through the lens of intersectionality.

The compendium illustrates a range of women-led solutions, from the creation of data through a lens of intersectionality, to integrated policies that include the meaningful participation of women’s rights organizations, to urban and transport planning solutions that place minoritized women at the centre, and prevention initiatives that address discriminatory behaviours.

Promising practices were selected from among those that have led to positive outcomes and involve collaborative partnerships and innovative action on women’s safety in public spaces, with an intersectional approach.

The compendium addresses local authorities, policymakers, women’s rights organizations, researchers, and other practitioners committed to creating safe and empowering public spaces with and for women and girls.

See also the first “International compendium of practices”.

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