Enabling environment in action: Flexible working arrangements and inclusive engagement

UN Women leads and coordinates a United Nations system–wide network of more than 200 gender focal points. The Global Annual Meeting of Gender Focal Points and Focal Points for Women in the United Nations brings the network together in person and supports the gender focal points in their ongoing work to enhance gender parity and an enabling environment in their respective entities.

The latest global meeting was organized on 12–13 September 2019, with a special recognition to colleagues joining from the field offices and missions. The meeting focused on two themes:

  1. practical tools to increase the engagement of men in gender parity efforts and
  2. improving the implementation of flexible working arrangements.

This report provides a summary of the 2019 global annual meeting, key conclusions and best practices from the sessions, as well as action points for accelerating gender parity efforts and implementing an enabling environment across the United Nations system. The report concludes with remarks by the UN Women Executive Director and recognition of good examples of implementing the “Enabling environment guidelines”.

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