Regular resources enable a flexible and fast response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Regular resources (RR) allow the flexibility to allocate funds when and where they are most needed. As the COVID-19 crisis emerged, UN Women in the field and HQ pivoted to focus on its contribution to the response, including through policy engagement, programmatic action, coordination, development of tools, and guidance and advocacy. While reprogramming of other resources is dependent on agreements with specific donors and governed by those agreements, RR could quickly be redeployed to respond to the effects of COVID-19. In practice, this often meant that staff whose salaries were paid from RR could immediately be given new COVID-19-focused responsibilities.

This brief explores how regular resources have enabled a swift reaction, and facilitated effective engagement with, and support to, governments, civil society, and the private sector, making a difference on the ground and bringing the needs of women and girls to the centre of the response.

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