Reflect. Realize. Respond. Rising to new challenges: Accelerating gender parity in times of crisis and beyond

UN Women leads and coordinates a United Nations system–wide network of more than 300 gender focal points. The Global Annual Meeting of Gender Focal Points and Focal Points for Women in the United Nations brings the network together in person and supports the gender focal points in their ongoing work to enhance gender parity and an enabling environment in their respective entities.

The Office organized the latest Global Annual Gender Focal Point Meeting from 5-7 October 2020 under the theme: “Reflect. Realize. Respond. Rising to New Challenges: Accelerating Gender Parity in Times of Crisis and Beyond”. The annual meeting was conducted online for the first time, with 163 participants. The Gender focal points discussed and exchanged on the upcoming challenges and changes regarding gender parity during and post COVID-19 and its implications on the work of gender focal points.

This report provides a summary of the 2020 global annual meeting, key conclusions and best practices from the sessions.

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